2019 Racing Season Rules


Points Racing:

1 point earned for entering the event

1 point earned for every round win

2 point earned for winning the event


Points earnings will be based off your car number, meaning you will need to run the same car number at each event.


There will be 5 regular points races & 2 double points races, for a total of 8 points races. Each racer will have their one lowest earning points race dropped...this drop race CAN BE A 0 POINTS EARNING EVENT.

In the event an event gets canceled due to rain it will be rescheduled, if the 1st round of the race in all classes is completed the event will not be rescheduled. We have a rain out weekend blocked off at the end of the season incase we need to reschedule an event!


1st place Points Champs in each class will receive a 2020 racing season GOLD CARD, good for 1 entry at each race! 2nd & 3rd place prizes to be determined. If there is a tie for any of the top 3 places the person who attended the most events willg 


Street Class:

This class will be a TRUE street class, meaning you must be able to drive it legally on the street(inspection sticker and tags). This class will also be a place for motorcycles to run as long as they are street legal. Street class will be ¼ mile racing.

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